The Mykonian region of Aleomandra, is named after the sacred Delian stables which, according to myth, provided shelter to the horses of the Olympian god Apollo. Centuries later, serving as the birthplace of our hotel, the hotel Kalesma Mykonos, rises out of Mykonian earth and becomes one with the legends, the elements and the energy that surrounds us.

‘Kalesma’, means ‘inviting’ in Greek, a word aligned with the ethos of this privately-owned, luxury boutique hotel. We wholeheartedly welcome discerning travelers into our exclusive hideaway and wish to share with you all that is ours.

Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos

The whitewashed, thoughtfully designed collection of houses have been created to resemble a charming, exclusive Mykonian village that tumbles down a slope to Ornos Bay, just a short walk from Ornos beach. Kalesma’s outstanding location provides 360 vistas, providing guests with the unique opportunity to enjoy both sunrise and the legendary sunsets from the same spot.

Kalesma 5-star boutique hotel in Mykonos is spread out on a generous 5-acre property with stunning panoramic views of the Aegean sea below, in one of the best locations in Mykonos. The 25 luxury suites and two larger villas give the feeling of an authentic yet exclusive Mykonian neighbourhood, blending local flair with high aesthetics. Inspired by Cycladic architecture and combining tradition with contemporary elements, Kalesma is a design aficionados dream – offering sleek and minimalist interiors using locally-sourced materials. Full of beautiful contradictions, Kalesma is modern, yet inspired by ritual and tradition; luxurious, but with a comfortable, unpretentious grace; professional and meticulous yet spontaneous in the manner we wish to treat our guests.

Our boutique luxury hotel in Mykonos makes its debut entry amongst the island’s 5 star hotels, standing out in its dedication to capture the essence of authentic Mykonian spirit and local heartfelt hospitality.