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Private Events

Going above and beyond event planning, at Kalesma we take things personally, we become part of the celebration and go that extra mile to turn your event into a once in a lifetime experience no matter what the occasion. We help make your every special moment as unique as you are, whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or a proper wedding ceremony which we host within our grounds, in our own private chapel. All services can be arranged by us, from photographers to hairdressers to private car services. We are your hosts and our mission is to make you feel like this is your space too, your special occasion is ours as well.


Activities are orchestrated daily for guests to experience the true nature of our island. You could choose an organized cruise to a hidden cove one day or a guided tour of the sacred island of Delos the next day, an incredibly interesting day trip especially since Delos was almost the Mykonos of the ancient world, a juxtaposition of the sacred, island of Apollo and Artemis, and the tax-haven, flashy 5th century BC island of immense wealth, influence and prosperity. The hotel can arrange walks through the alleys of Chora; shopping sprees; food tours to discover local treats such as kopanisti cheese and Mykonian sausage; Scuba Diving; private boat rentals; Guided gallery tours; night-walks around the Windmills, Little Venice, and of course any restaurant or nightclub booking that Mykonos has to offer.


The location may be more secluded but your needs will never be out of reach when staying at Kalesma. Luxury brands, accessories, local artefacts and essentials are all in the palm of your hands at our very own boutique.