For thousands of years, the waves of the Aegean have flowed with the magic of myth. From the deep blue of the sea, the spirit of the heroes, the gods, and the Greek identity arises — a spirit that flows from the past to the present of the Cycladic archipelago.

Consequently, to travel to the Cyclades in 2022 is to trek down paths leading right to the soul of western civilisation. While Mykonos is now known for its modern charms and cosmopolitan rhythms, our glamorous island finds itself nestled within a network of cultural, mythological, and arcane wonder – the centrepiece of which being the island of Delos.

A Glimpse of Delos

For those who have stayed at Kalesma Mykonos, the sight of Delos will be all too familiar as it is the picture-perfect vision that greets the guests of Aloni Sunset Lounge and Pere Ubu Mykonos restaurant. As the dark waves streak out into the horizon, a dramatic outcrop emerges from the sea. Jagged, distant, yet seemingly close enough to touch, the vision of Delos has a magnetic effect upon those who see it.
For millennia, this very vision has been a siren call to the inhabitants of Mykonos. Inspiring wonder and curiosity, the nearby island of Delos has long been the spiritual sister of the Mykonian landscape. Now, from the Aloni Sunset Lounge, guests watch every evening as the sun sets over one of the most sacred spaces of the ancient world.

Delos, Then

While many have felt its force, they may wonder why Delos is such an enchanting island. The secrets of Delos and its ethereal charms lie in the very heart of the ancient Greek world. Revered as an island of sanctity, Delos was a pilgrimage destination as early as 900BC. Temples, statues, and monuments were erected across the island, which in turn was ritually ‘purified’ by the ancient Athenians, determined to craft an islet fit for the gods.
Famously, Delos is known as the birthplace of the divine twins Artemis and Apollo, which the two Kalesma Mykonos villas are named after. Apollo was the god of the sun – his daily task to ride his sun-pulling chariots across the sky from rise to set. Myth has it his horses were raised at Aleomandra – the present-day site of Kalesma Mykonos. Within the hotel, a special homage to these mythical animals adds to its legendary charm as beautifully designed lamps with horsehair can be found around the hotel while lamps inspired by horse bridles rest next to every bed. In tribute, the legacies and names of Artemis and Apollo live on in the grand villas of Kalesma.
From rulers to philosophers, from pagans to politicians, Delos drew the devout from far and wide. Magic, mystique, and myth are engraved into every inch of the island, writing a story that’s long enchanted the people of Greece.

Delos, the museum island

While the sun has set on Delos’ time as the spiritual epicentre of Greece, the memory of its glorious past lives on. Towering architectural offerings to the gods have now become essential elements to one of the world’s most esteemed archaeological destinations, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once a cradle of civilisation and home to a population of about 30.000 the island remains an enticing destination for the contemporary traveler but is off limits to bathers who are sure to find the crystalline waters of neighbouring Rinia to be just the ticket. Additionally, Delos is home to one of the oldest synagogues known today, said to date back to between 150 and 128 BCE, sitting on the eastern side of the island. It was discovered in 1912 by a team of archaeologists and echoes the important role of Delos as a multicultural hub throughout the ages.

Today Delos’ unmistakable allure continues to inspire. Its emblematic spirit is often revived through unique projects with far-reaching sensitivities such as climate change and togetherness. In May 2022, Delos was selected to host a truly unique concert, specifically conceived to highlight the uncertainty surrounding our planet’s future. Within this magical atmosphere, Antonio Vivaldi’s renowned “Four Seasons” were brought to life, their notes reverberating against the eons-old rock formation and spreading a powerful message of awareness far and wide.

Ferries, private tours and private boat trips can be taken from the port of Mykonos, where the first step in a journey to the ancient world begins.

Following a 30-minute journey across the Aegean, step foot on the island and feel the ancient vibrations of Delos beat up through the earth. Wander through a labyrinthine maze of archaeological wonder, including sun-bleached marble, remarkably unscathed pillars, and devotional mosaics. Alongside a private tour guide, easily organised by the concierge team of Kalesma Mykonos, the true mysteries of the island of Delos will be revealed before your eyes.

Embark On Your Odyssey

Kalesma Mykonos warmly beckons you into the authentic heart of Mykonian culture. Here, in our whitewashed haven of Cycladic simplicity, the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean unfurls before you. Join us this summer and find your place in history.