With an illustrious background, and international experience taking him from Athens to New York and beyond, veteran chef Costas Tsingas makes no secret of his love for exceptional flavours. He is especially smitten with those rooted in the Greek lands’ offering. Having written extensively about Greek food, he recognises many still hold a “souvlaki and moussaka-centred” view of Greek cooking but he is determined to change that with every delicious recipe.

Thanks to his commitment to a unique trifecta of Greek elements, modern techniques and Mediterranean inspiration Tsingas seeks to exalt often overlooked ingredients in his creations. It is a quest he has been loyal to since 2004, when the Athenian older sibling of Pere Ubu Mykonos first opened its doors in the southern seaside suburb of Glyfada, in Athens.

Over a decade later, more creative and imaginative than ever, Tsingas found his ideal home in the Aegean at Kalesma Mykonos’ village-like resort in 2021. At Pere Ubu Mykonos, the chef brings along his signature philosophy which is tethered to organic local produce and ingredients of the highest quality. He utilities, anhydrous cucumbers, for instance, and the delicious Almyra greens all growing under the splendid Mediterranean sun, the ultra-fresh octopus caught nightly and delivered to Pere Ubu Mykonos, as well as artichokes from a traditional farm in Tinos or broad beans serving as the basis for his mouth-watering dishes.

Tsingas’ preference towards effortless tastes does not go unnoticed. In fact, his cuisine epitomises the very essence of Kalesma Mykonos, resting on the concept of “luxury in simplicity”. But it is his innovative fusions free from overcomplicated flourishes and superfluous eccentricity that give way to his exciting taste proposals, always bursting with flavour, col-our and freshness. At Pere Ubu Mykonos, Tsingas utilises the purest, freshest ingredients of unparalleled quality and initiates guests to vibrant and – perhaps most importantly – authentic culinary creations. A sense of gastronomic continuity characterises the wine experience at Pere Ubu Mykonos, as well. Thanks to its brilliant sommelier, the restaurant offers an extensive and meticulously curated wine list featuring special indigenous and international labels that brilliantly complete each dining experience.

Lovers of exquisite cocktails can venture to Pere Ubu Mykonos’ amazing new bar, relocated to occupy a unique spot and a brilliant look-out towards vast sea views. Here, a talented team of seasoned mixologists propose a menu centred around Greek and Cycladic tastes and inspire delicious adventures that begin with that first crisp sip.

Nothing about Pere Ubu Mykonos’ sun-soaked locale points to the cliché feel of Cycladic restaurants. Tsingas’ pied-à-terre in one of the world’s most sought-after Greek destinations exudes a New York allure that magically blends in with the inviting disposition of Kalesma Mykonos. The food itself is simply exquisite – from à la carte breakfasts included in the room price and tasty al fresco dinners, to private events and meals catered especially by chef Tsingas and his team. The chef’s gastronomic philosophy is deeply embedded in each bite, scent and flavour of Pere Ubu’s dishes, which join forces with its fantastic ambience and island aesthetic to effortlessly stand head and shoulders above its contemporary counterparts.

In the mythological heart of an eternal island and surrounded by an idyllic scenery, tantalising gastronomic journeys begin from the very first sumptuous bite at Pere Ubu Mykonos. Join us this summer to relish in a fabulous menu meticulously curated by Chef Tsingas, a dining experience bathed in Mykonian light and an ambience that almost magically brings people closer together.