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Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu invites your senses every hour of the day to sit and enjoy a meal with a partner or a large fun crowd. We start by waking you with the smell of fresh bread from the wood fire, and then by teasing your palate along the day with flavors as invigorating as the never-ending sea view ahead. Guests enjoy specially prepared Mediterranean lunches and dinners in both private and more communal settings, all with a cosmopolitan soundtrack in the background to remind you that you are here to have a good time with good company.

Pool Bar

Soak up the sun with an ice-cold drink, listen to the beats and lounge at leisure. This is our own private pool party, and you are invited at all hours to plunge or to socialize, share a story and connect with people to add to the energy we wish to recreate over and over. As the day unfolds and you sufficiently relax and energize, the pool bar is the perfect spot to start your plans for the night.


Aloni is the lounge for relaxing, socializing and hosting your own little sunset drinks party. If we were to turn back time, this would be the area of the private estate where parties and feasts were held to celebrate the household name or the patron saint. With these undertones, Aloni too invites guests on a weekly basis to meet and engage with others, to open their house to outsiders, to celebrate and drink the night away and revive a truer sense of Philoxenia and of authentic Mykonian hospitality.

Private Spa Services

Since ancient times, the Greek islands have been important centers of spirituality with personal wellness being infused in their DNA. As an integral part of Mykonian hospitality, wellness could only be achieved through physical and mental health, unique rituals for aesthetic and spiritual catharsis. Here too at Kalesma one will experience similar rituals, spa treatments, spiritual yoga and Pilates sessions that are performed in a place of serenity surrounded by the vast sea, sky and glorious Greek light. In-room treatments are of course also available upon request in the comfort of your own suite or villa and a dedicated spa open to all is in development for completion by 2021.