The Light of Apollo

This summer, Kalesma Mykonos proudly presents The Light of Apollo, a debut and first-of-its-kind performance art piece exploring the divine, the mythological and the island of Mykonos.

Thursday 13 July 2023
From 10am to 12pm
From 8pm to 8.45pm

Thursday 20 July 2023
From 10am to 12pm
From 8pm to 8.45pm

Thursday 27 July 2023
From10am to 12pm
From 8pm to 8.45pm

Art & Myth unite at Kalesma Mykonos

As the first lights of summertime dawn on the horizon, a new chapter begins at Kalesma Mykonos. This year, Kalesma Mykonos welcomes guests from far and wide into its latest creative endeavour – the premiere of The Light of Apollo, an immersive art performance taking place in the heart of Kalesma Mykonos in July 2023.

Created, conceived and performed by the Tracing Echoes Project, The Light of Apollo is a  performance art piece fusing contemporary dance, music and movement. An unmissable addition to this years cultural calendar, The Light of Apollo is a bold celebration of Mykonian heritage, unfolding within Kalesma Mykonos’ ambience of refined authenticity.

Throughout the event, the boundaries between performer and observer will be broken down, as attendees find themselves surrounded by dancers, actors and musicians. From classical theatre to an al fresco feast of local cuisine, the show will proudly shine a light on authentic island tradition. With the sacred island of Delos on the horizon, The Light of Apollo transforms the resort and its guests into essential characters in the performance. Together, they build a bridge connecting Mykonos to Delos, the historical with the contemporary, the earthly with the divine. The show is thus a homage to this legacy, a celebration of land and legend and Mykonian visionaries past and present.


Immersive, inspired and irresistibly Mykonian.

The Light of Apollo reignites the flames of classic Greek mythology through a re-telling of the myth of Apollo  – the sun god of the ancients – as the performance sees foundational tales of the past brought to life in an arresting interdisciplinary display. The performance will introduce avant-garde performance art and haute couture to the island – a world-class event thats set to reinvigorate the islands creative pulse, all while diffusing the traditions and beauty of Mykonos to the audience. Staged in the Aloni Sunset Lounge – the central communal space of the resort – the immersive performance will see guestssurroundings transformed into an open-air stage built amphitheatrically over Ornos Bay.

From its concept to its design, from its aesthetics to its theatricality, The Light of Apollo is set to be a stand-out cultural event not only for Mykonos but for the whole of Greece. A proud representation of modern-day local creativity, it’s set to attract onlookers into the light of Mykonian culture.

An emblem of hospitality & culture

Since its genesis in 2021, Kalesma Mykonos has been a beacon of high culture on Mykonos, dedicated to presenting the island’s heritage and history to the world. Designed and created by fourth-generation

Mykonians, the hotel has ushered in a new era of immersive, high-end hospitality on the island. The hosting of The Light of Apollo is the latest iteration of this drive – yet another invitation for the world to experience the true power of real Mykonos, beckoning guests into its hearth from its perch on Ornos Hill. Luxurious, refined and exclusive, Kalesma Mykonos has cemented its place as one of the islands premier hospitality destinations.

Georgia Tsangaraki

Georgia Tsangaraki is a director, actor, theatre educator and Dramatherapist. She completed her B.A. studies with an Honors degree from the Greek National Theater Drama School in 1994 and continued with a one-year postgraduate course in Great Britain and Arts Educational London Schools. She teaches voice, acting, and movement in Greece and abroad, using a unique self-created practice based on the Greek Chorus and the importance of working in an ensemble. The method applies to different educational acting and self development programs and is called “The Spiral Effect”. She is the creator and artistic director of an arts space in Athens called “The Farm” where she teaches theatre in nature and runs self-development sessions.

Haris Germanidis

Haris Germanidis is a versatile artist with over 20 years of experience as a producer of TV commercials for internationally recognized brands as well as a stills photographer specializing in fine art portraiture and content creation for individuals, businesses, and live performances. Haris brings a unique artistic vision and attention to detail to every project he undertakes.

Stefanos Giakoumakis

Stefanos Giakoumakis is a musician and composer whose strong interest in art began at a very young age. He has completed his studies in modern-jazz music and electric guitar while also paying attention to the history of music composition. Giakoumakis also holds a degree from Panteion University’s Department of International, European and Area Studies. His love for evocative atmosphere and the creative freedom that theatre and cinema afford are only some of the elements one encounters in his works. His aim is to listen to the needs, structures and textures of the project at hand and to emotionally express them in the most appropriate way.

  • Direction: Georgia Tsangaraki
  • Music composition and live performance: Stefanos Giakoumakis
  • Photography: Haris Germanidis
  • Sculpture: Katerina Mitsiali, Antonis Giakoumakis
  • Styling and fashion: Maria Chartokolli
  • Graphic and prop design: Margarita Tzanetou
  • Artwork : Spiros Gratsias
  • Cinematography : Alex Stamaris & Guy Briche
  • Production Assistant: Tzortzi Mavrou


Performers: Alexiadis Orestis, Katsimpraki Maritina, Kosonas Nikos, Koutsopetrou Sotiria, Katsimpraki Christianna, Xenia Konstantinou, Manoukian Maria