Known for stretching white sands that melt into the most exquisite shades of blue, Mykonos is home to some of the Cyclades most stunning beaches. The island has long been attracting travellers with its bustling night life, and extravagant lifestyle, but for those who are looking forward to a more serene escape and the chance to truly renew and relax these hidden coastal gems will give them the welcome chance to experience the raw energy of Mykonos, in what can only be described as a peaceful island escape. Let us entice you and show you another reason that Mykonos is the perfect spot for the summer with this exclusive list of beaches that was created by Mykonians themselves.


A paradisal escape for water-sport lovers

1.4 kms / 0.86 mi from Kalesma Mykonos

For those who prefer to keep active on their beach days the wind and kite surfing beach of Korfos will welcome you for unforgettable summer adventures. The shallow shimmering waters offer the ideal conditions for sports, but also make for unmatched swimming spots when the wind drops, revealing a calm, crystal clear corner of bliss.

Agios Ioannis

A beautiful vantage point towards the mesmerising Delian sunsets
1.6 kms / less than 1 mi from Kalesma Mykonos

Last, but by no means least, in our Mykonian countdown is a sun-kissed cove with plush, soft sand and glistening waters that beckon for a swim. Sitting on the southwestern side of the island, the beach of Agios Ioannis regales those who seek it out with a wonderful sight and is one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. A top spot to seek peace away from jam-packed destinations and crowded shores, Agios Ioannis also enjoys sensational views out to the mystical island of Delos, birthplace of Olympian Gods Artemis and Apollo, whose multi-coloured sunsets are a sight that makes a lasting impression. Sunset-chasers and lovers of serene lounging alike will find a unique little heaven in Agios Dimitrios, featuring all the ingredients of a quintessential summer in the Cyclades.


A hidden gem of stunning views close-by to the Chora
2.1kms / 1.3 mi from Kalesma Mykonos

If your picture-perfect beach day consists of the sun on your skin and the warm sand underneath you, the second beach on our list, Kapari will promise you the moments you’ve been looking forward to. Directly opposite the island of Delos, only 5km from the Chora, the private haven is one of Mykonos’ best kept secrets and its Cycladic charm from sunrise to sunset is undeniable.


A beach rich with history and ideal breezy conditions
9.8kms / 6 mi from Kalesma Mykonos

The next of the turquoise waters awaiting to be discovered is Ftelia, an isolated beach that boasts seclusion and tranquility even during the busy summer months. While it is not a typical sunbathing spot, the high winds make it a wonderful windsurfers escape. Ftelia also calls to all history lovers as it is home to a 7-thousand-year-old neolithic settlement where pottery, idols, weapons and clay objects were found, among others.

Agios Sostis

Pristine crystal-clear waters in a stunning geographical location
10.6 kms/ 6.5 mi from Kalesma Mykonos

While a bit more remote, the sandy bay of Agios Sostis is worth making the trek to, with its verdant and entirely untouched natural charm. The blossoming cove guarantees pristine waters, and the beach will almost always provide private and secluded moments away from the crowd. After long swims and a day of relaxation you can also treat yourself with the delicious, traditional flavours that await at some of the nearby tavernas, for a day that completely engages you in an authentic Cycladic experience.

In Agios Sostis, Kiki’s Tavern is a brilliant option for al fresco dining. Hidden under the trees, the tavern is almost invisible but those who manage to detect it, are in for a treat. The electricity-free restaurant cooks all of its food on the grill and closes right before sundown, proposing a truly authentic dining experience, free from any bells and whistles and firmly grounded in originality and authenticity. Freshness abounds in every single dish, be it a crisp salad, tender fish or juicy meat, effortlessly highlighting the best of Mediterranean cuisine.


An absolute immersion into deep blue waters and Mykonian charm

15.6 kms / 9.6 mi from Kalesma Mykonos

The next beach on our list of seaside gems is Fokos, another natural haven on the northern side of the island. The beach is untouched by tourist amenities, and relatively large, perfect for those who just want to indulge in the beautiful surroundings and embrace nature. The deep blue waters make for refreshing dips and its untouched landscape is ideal for exploring while the sounds of the waves are sure to provide a calming lull.

When hunger strikes during your excursion to Fokos beach, look no further than the homonymous Fokos taverna. Here the food is prepared with love, true to the traditions of Greek families. The menu is full of Mykonian and Mediterranean-inspired delicacies guaranteed to enchant your palate while a unique selection of wines provides the perfect pairings for each dish.

These are just a few of the island’s hidden gems and serene spots that promise to fulfil your desires for peaceful days under the sun. Discover these havens and so many more on your next stay at Kalesma Mykonos, the perfect place to stay on your island adventures. End your sun kissed days in our “sugar-cube” suites where you will surely discover a haven, a home, and a hotel like no other that truly encapsulates the energy of the island from its Cycladic roots all the way to its modern charm.